Bamanye Ngxale

Bamanye Ngxale

(5th floor / Ellis House / Johannesburg)

(5th floor / Ellis House / Johannesburg)

I’m an artist from the Nelson Mandela Bay residing in a neighbourhood called Kwa-Dwesi just outside of Port Elizabeth. I have an N6 in Textile Design and Graphic Processes from the Port Elizabeth College Erica Campus and a BTech Degree from the Nelson Mandela University in Printmaking. My work comprises of experimental prints, sculpture, collage and conceptual art.

In addition to studying I have been involved in a number of public art projects which include mark Wilby’s Taxi sculptures on Whites Road opposite the Opera House, a 3d sculpture for Sydenham Primary School, opposite the Bay Stadium (a Public Art Project which was organised in conjunction with the World Cup, by Usen Obot and the Arts and Teaching Initiative).

 In 2010 I participated in a Residency program at Greatmore Art Studios, Cape Town where we worked on the conceptualisation, setting up and production of the ANGAZA exhibition at Greatmore Studios, Cape Town. The following year I was part of an internship program, organised by the Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) which involved inviting +/-200 artists to be part of an exhibition and publication of an artists’ directory for the Eastern Cape, as part of the whole venture we also had to curate, facilitate the hanging process, and manage the gallery/exhibition.

Since then I participated in the Joule City Arts Incubator, Cape Town. Joule City is an intensive internship program for arts graduates, focused on skills development and content production that supports graduate to career transition. The Incubator encouraged inter-disciplinary collaborations. Under the Audio-Visual Cultures and Ambient Sounds Incubator, which formed one third of the whole incubator we researched sound cultures within the continent. This involved the mapping of knowledge, sourcing contributors for our publication as the collective and conceptualizing, producing and presenting an exhibition to the public.

In 2019 I joined the Johannesburg Art Gallery’s Exhibitions technical team in curating as their assistant exhibitions curator.

My own initiatives outside established institutions include:

  • Curating exhibitions such as the My Heritage My Inheritance Exhibition for MaXhosa by Laduma. A pilot project aimed at annually showcasing Laduma Ngxokolo’s latest knitwear collection.
  • Working with the Basement Project on workshops, Forums and Exhibitions,
  • As well as organising printmaking workshops at Secondary and Primary Schools around the previously marginalised communities.
  • In 2017 I hosted a silkscreen workshop, working with emerging artists & creative arts graduates which resulted in an exhibition called Activism as a Weapon. The following year the workshop/exhibition was adopted by the Red Location Museum in a collaborative project aimed at unemployed youth. This resulted in the youth group hosting the workshop/exhibition which still exist to this day due to the initiatives focus on skills transfer.

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