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ellis house art building resides in the inner-city neighbourhood of doornfontein, bursting with things to see and experience. the ellis house art building is a collective creative energy of ART and ARTISTS in the city of johannesburg. the neighbourhood is an active and connected community thriving on a creative urban culture.

street art has turned this neighbourhood into a place for the people, with a selection of restaurants and eateries, galleries and markets - offering plenty of choice for both a large residential community as well as many visitors.

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The Labyrinth open day

The Labyrinth open day

08 November, 2020 | The Labyrinth P...



08 August, 2020 | The Labyrinth P...

Old and Unseen

Old and Unseen

30 November, -0001 | The Labyrinth P...


Film Shoot 2020

Some serious commotion at Ellis House this last Wednesday as a film crew made the building their home for the day. Using multiple floors and the rooftop of the building to film a commercial celebrating Johannesburg which happens t...

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The Labyrinth presents - Dissolution by Kyra Papé

The installation of by Kyra Papé's exhibition, 'Dissolution' has begun. Further details will be announced.   Brought to you by the Labyrinth project,  Second floor Ellis house  

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Cleo's Grind

Ellis House welcomes Cleo's Grind to the building.   Situated on Dawe street, on the Eastern side of the Ellis House building, Cleo's Grind is open for business and ready to serve you your daily dose of fre...

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